Vampire Survival Game V Rising to Get Castlevania Crossover

V Rising Brings Castlevania Legacy to PS5

Stunlock Studios is set to release their vampire survival game, V Rising, on PS5 this year, along with a special treat for Castlevania fans.

A Legacy of Castlevania teaser trailer has been unveiled, featuring the iconic master vampire slayer, Simon Belmont, in the world of V Rising.

The highly anticipated V Rising – Legacy of Castlevania will debut in-game on May 8, 2024, for the 1.0 launch, with a planned PS5 release later in the same year.

V Rising Details

Embark on a unique Vampire Survival Action RPG adventure unlike any other.

Awake from centuries of sleep, weakened and craving blood. Explore a vast open world filled with dark fantasy, humans, terrifying creatures, and the deadly sunlight. Gain power and dominate the world of the living.

Hunt alone or form a clan. V Rising offers the option to play solo, in co-op mode, or in persistent online multiplayer.

Dive into a Gothic Open-World
Traverse lush forests, open fields, harsh winter landscapes, and dark caves to uncover valuable resources. Raid villages, explore haunted towns, and venture into the territories of supernatural beings.

Raise Your Castle
Establish your domain, gather resources, and construct a mighty castle befitting your legacy. Adorn your halls with luxurious decorations and transform humans into loyal thralls to serve within your fortress.

Survive & Rise
Avoid sunlight during the day, as it will incinerate you. Hunt your prey under the cover of night, and gain knowledge and power by feeding on their blood.

Master Your Vampire
Acquire and hone a variety of deadly weapons and magical abilities. Customize your vampire powers to match your playstyle by combining weapons with an array of spells.

Compete or Cooperate
Engage in solo hunting or team up with other players to defeat heroes and monsters alike. Collaborate with fellow vampires or venture into riskier territories to face them as adversaries.

In a world of turmoil, only one vampire will seize supremacy. Are you bold enough to challenge Dracula’s throne?