Fastest ways to raise Episode 1 Fear Rank in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Best ways to boost Fear Rank quickly in Suicide Squad KTJL

If you’re aiming to unlock Joker without spending any money in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, then raising your Episode 1 Fear Rank fast is crucial. Your Fear Rank will naturally increase as you complete various tasks in the game, but there are strategies you can employ to expedite this process.

Increase the Metropolis difficulty

One effective method to rapidly increase your Fear Rank in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is to play at the highest difficulty setting available to you. The more experience points you accumulate, the more difficult levels you’ll unlock. If you find the game to be too challenging, you can always reduce the difficulty level, but keep in mind that higher difficulty settings yield greater XP and resource rewards.

Complete Incursions

Completing high-difficulty Incursions has proven to be a significant source of Fear Rank progression for me. Among the various Incursions, I’ve found “Imposter Syndrome” to be the easiest and fastest to complete. Simply enter the mission and defeat a large number of enemies in a short amount of time, particularly with an effective Harley Quinn build.

Complete Metropolis missions

When you find yourself lacking Promethium needed for Incursions, focusing on Metropolis missions is the way to go. While these missions may not provide as much Fear Rank progress, they do offer a good amount of Prometheum as a reward.

It’s advisable to prioritize the more challenging missions that offer higher Prometheum rewards, despite their increased difficulty. Although missions like “Mandatory Global Warming” can be tedious, especially the truck escort missions, it’s still worth considering the amount of Prometheum they provide.

If you establish a routine of alternating between completing Incursions and tackling Metropolis missions at the highest difficulty level, you’ll witness a rapid increase in your Fear Rank. This approach can also be applied to gain more XP for character leveling up, albeit with some variations in the process.

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