How to Evacuate Vernworth in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Evacuating Vernworth in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Embarking on your journey in the Unmoored World of Dragon’s Dogma 2, the devastation of Melve becomes apparent as you return to Vernworth. With Vernworth next in line for destruction, the urgent task at hand is to facilitate the evacuation of all its citizens to the Seafloor Shrine. Let’s delve into the process of how to effectively evacuate Vernworth and rally support from Queen Disa and Minister Allard.

Speak to Captain Brant

To kickstart the evacuation of Vernworth, your first port of call is to engage in a conversation with Captain Brant. He can typically be located at the tavern within Vernworth. After briefing you on the situation, he will direct you to confer with Regentkin Sven, who has assumed leadership in the absence of the False Sovran.

Speak to Regentkin Sven

Engage in a dialogue with Sven and present the proposal for evacuation. You will find him situated on the upper floor of Vernworth Castle. Upon agreement, Sven will task you with securing the Oxcarts at the eastern end of the city on the route leading to the Border Checkpoint Town. Additionally, he will seek your assistance in persuading his mother, Queen Disa, to partake in the evacuation process.

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Secure the Oxcarts

In a familiar twist, Minister Allard proves to be an obstacle by monopolizing the Oxcarts for personal gain. Completion of Wilhelmina’s questline removes the need to deal with him; however, if confrontation is inevitable, there are peaceful alternatives to resort to rather than resorting to violence.

dragon's dogma 2 secure oxcart from allard
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By assertively engaging with Minister Allard, you can successfully secure the Oxcarts for the evacuation of Vernworth, enabling you to provide Sven with a progress update.

Convincing Queen Disa

Queen Disa’s hardened stance and refusal to cooperate in the evacuation effort necessitates a strategic approach. To sway her opinion, it is imperative to acquire the Ornate Box and entrust it to Sven. This item can be procured from a vendor opposite the main plaza’s fountain, resembling the Dragon’s Gaze artifact utilized for locating Wakestone Shards. The acquisition and presentation of the Ornate Box to Sven will prompt him to intervene and persuade his mother, Queen Disa, to participate in the evacuation process.

dragon's dogma 2 give ornate box to king sven
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With these guidelines in mind, you are equipped with the necessary steps to successfully evacuate Vernworth, address the Oxcart dilemma, and secure Queen Disa’s compliance with the evacuation procedure. As you undertake this mission, familiarize yourself with the True Ending path and acquaint yourself with the evacuation protocol for Baakbattahl.