New Spyro Game Reportedly in Active Development

Rumors of a New Spyro Game in Development

A recent rumor suggests that Toys for Bob, the studio known for its work on the Spyro the Dragon series, is actively working on a new Spyro game as of January 2024. After parting ways with Activision, the studio has reportedly entered into a deal with Microsoft for this upcoming project.

New Spyro Game Teased by Developers

If the rumors are true, this new Spyro game would mark the fourth mainline entry in the series, commonly referred to as Spyro 4. According to YouTuber Canadian Guy Eh, who is well-known for covering Spyro and Crash content, developers at PAX East 2024 have been buzzing about Spyro 4.

After reports from Windows Central revealed the collaboration between Toys for Bob and Microsoft for their next project, sources at PAX East allegedly confirmed that Spyro 4 has been in active development since January 2024.

Notably, Spyro’s official Twitter account posted a mysterious tweet on January 8 that hinted at a potential new project related to the beloved character.

However, this isn’t the first time a tease like this has surfaced, as Toys for Bob had previously hinted at a new project. So, it’s important to approach this rumor with caution until official confirmation is provided.