Reverse 1999 Sealed Records event guide

Phase Two of Reverse 1999 Version 1.4

Exciting news for players of Reverse 1999 – Phase Two is now live, bringing with it the new Sealed Records event. This event offers players valuable rewards to aid them in summoning new characters like 6. While the event is straightforward, some players may find it slightly confusing due to the limited activities available.

How to Earn All Sealed Records Rewards in Reverse 1999

The Sealed Records event in Reverse 1999 requires players to gather clues by completing daily tasks. There are two permanent goals – logging in for a total of 6 days and consuming a total of 1400 Cellular Activity. Additionally, there are daily refreshing objectives that involve interacting with characters and completing Daily Tasks. Simply ensure you log in daily and complete your tasks to reap the rewards.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Sealed Records event is time-gated, requiring frequent logins to claim all the available rewards. This event runs for two weeks, ending on Thursday, April 11th. Completing each objective will earn you 10-20 Dusty Documents, which contribute towards filling a progress bar that unlocks Clear Drops and other rewards. Throughout the event, players can claim a total of 240 free Clear Drops.

If you’re aiming to summon the new 6-Star support character 6, participating in the Sealed Records event is a great way to earn additional Clear Drops to bring you closer to your next 10-pull. Alongside this event, other events from Version 1.4’s initial launch like Black Box of Conjectures and Inspiration from the Proofs are still ongoing. Make sure to complete those to maximize your Clear Drops and Unilogs before they expire. There’s also a new sign-in event that grants a total of 10 free Unilogs, potentially reducing the need to spend money to unlock Reverse 1999’s latest character.

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