Should You Let Gale Reforge The Crown In BG3?

Should You Allow Gale to Reforge the Crown of Karsus in Baldur’s Gate 3?

One intriguing aspect of Baldur’s Gate 3 is the opportunity for multiple endings based on the decisions you make throughout the game. One burning question players have is whether they should allow Gale to reforge the crown in BG3. Note that the following discussion contains spoilers for Acts 2, 3, and Gale’s fate in the game. If you prefer to avoid spoilers, it is advisable to return later. However, if you are still here, let’s delve into what happens to Gale.

Should You Let Gale Reforge the Crown of Karsus in BG3?

Should You Let Gale Reforge The Crown In Baldurs Gate 3
Image Credits: PerfectParadox on YouTube. Gale talks about reforging crown of Karsus in BG3.

Whether you are playing as Origin Gale or Companion Gale, the answer to this question varies. However, if Gale is your companion and you wish to experience an additional cutscene, it is recommended not to allow him to reforge the crown.

In Act 2, after encountering the Elder Brain, Gale discovers the Crown of Karsus. Upon obtaining The Annals of Karsus, Gale proposes to examine the book to learn more about the crown and whether Karsus was truly its creator. During these conversations, you will have several opportunities to either encourage or discourage him from reforging the crown. These choices will have consequences after defeating the Elder Brain in Act 3.

If you previously encouraged Gale, he will depart to reforge the crown, promising to reunite with you after his ascension. If you were romantically involved with him, he may suggest ascending you following his own ascension.

If you convince Gale that returning the crown to Mystra is the superior choice, he will comply instead of claiming it for himself.

That concludes the discussion on whether you should allow Gale to reforge the Crown of Karsus in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you require assistance with other decisions in the game, feel free to consult our guides on obeying or defying Vlaakith, letting Karlach become a Mind Flayer, killing Aelis Siryasius, and eliminating Valeria.