Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets Four-Part Series Detailing Its Creation

If you finished Final Fantasy VII Rebirth…

If you’ve completed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and are interested in delving deeper into the creation process, Sony and Square Enix have launched a new documentary series titled Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This four-part series includes interviews with thirty key designers from the game, including director Naoki Hamaguchi, creative director Tetsuya Nomura, and producer Yoshinori Kitase. Together, they provide insights into the development journey of Rebirth.

Exploring Different Aspects

Each episode of Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth focuses on a specific aspect of the game. Episode 1 delves into the world-building process, while Episode 2 explores the creation of the story and cutscenes. Episode 3 takes a closer look at the characters and combat mechanics, and Episode 4 highlights the work of the English voice actors. The runtime of each episode falls between 15-18 minutes, offering fans a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look.

Watch the First Episode

For a glimpse into the world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you can watch the first episode below:

[Youtube embed code here]

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