Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 9 guide and best teams


A new addition to Honkai Star Rail with the launch of Version 2.1 is the Simulated Universe world, offering players the opportunity to collect new Planar Ornament sets. While World 9 of the Simulated Universe may seem familiar, the new Planar Ornaments provide unique benefits for specific characters like Acheron.

How to Succeed in Simulated Universe World 9

Upon completing World 8, World 9 of the Simulated Universe becomes immediately accessible. This new world comes with various difficulty levels, each offering different rewards for first-time clears. For beginners, the easiest difficulty level for World 9 starts at level 61, requiring a well-equipped team to face its challenges.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

World 9 presents players with Penacony’s strongest adversaries alongside familiar faces like the Malefic Ape. However, the ultimate challenge lies in the boss battle against the Memory Zone Meme “Something Unto Death,” where DoT (Damage over Time) abilities play a crucial role in defeating Sombrous Sepulchers and reviving fallen allies.

Optimal Team Composition and Strategy for Simulated Universe World 9

Given the DoT-focused mechanics of the final boss in World 9, building a team comprising Nihility units is recommended. It is advisable to follow the Nihility Path and prioritize stacking Blessings of Nihility to maximize DoT damage output and swiftly conquer enemies.

Nihility Teams for Simulated Universe World 9

Honkai Star Rail Acheron
Image: Hoyoverse

The top Nihility team for conquering Simulated Universe World 9 consists of Acheron, Kafka, Black Swan, and Luocha. This team synergizes well by charging Acheron’s Ultimate with Kafka’s Lightning DoT attacks, Black Swan’s Arcana stacks, and Luocha’s healing abilities while exploiting enemy elemental weaknesses.

For players seeking a Free-to-Play (F2P) Nihility team, Gallagher, Sampo, Guinaifen, and Yukong are viable choices. Sampo and Guinaifen stand out as superior 4-Star Nihility options, with Gallagher providing debuffs and healing support. Yukong’s utility in countering Imaginary weaknesses further strengthens the team’s overall performance.

Destruction Teams for Simulated Universe World 9

Blade Honkai Star Rail
Image: HoYoverse

For players who prefer a different playstyle, the Path of Destruction offers a viable strategy for tackling World 9 of the Simulated Universe. By accumulating Blessings of Destruction and leveraging the AoE (Area of Effect) abilities of Destruction characters, players can effectively combat the challenges presented, including the formidable Memory Zone Meme.

An optimal Destruction team for World 9 consists of Blade, Gallagher, Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, and Bronya. Blade and Imbibitor Lunae excel in dealing damage, with Bronya amplifying their output and Gallagher providing crucial support through healing and debuffs.

Alternatively, players can opt for a F2P Destruction team featuring Gallagher, Hook, Dan Heng, and Yukong. Despite not all characters being aligned with the Destruction Path, they benefit significantly from its Blessings in the Simulated Universe. Gallagher’s support capabilities, Yukong’s role in countering weaknesses, and Dan Heng’s prowess as a Wind unit all contribute to the team’s success in challenging encounters.