Razer Edge Gets Its First Big Discount

The Razer Edge First Big Discount

The Razer Edge made its debut in late 2023, offering users the ability to play native Android games or stream PC or Xbox titles through the cloud. While it has been well-received, the $400 price tag may have deterred some potential buyers. However, Amazon is now offering the device for just $300, marking its first significant discount and making it an ideal time to explore this handheld system.

The Razer Edge is powered by the Razer Nexus app, providing easy access to a range of Android games or the option to launch into cloud gaming services for PC or Xbox. Notable features of the device include USB-C passthrough charging, a built-in 3.55mm audio jack, and programmable macros on the Kishi V2 Pro.

While Razer’s handheld system has gained attention, other companies have also entered the market with game streaming devices. The PlayStation Portal, introduced in November 2023, has become so popular that it is currently sold out at most retailers. Alternatively, you may find a preowned unit at GameStop. Another option is the Logitech G Cloud, which offers similar capabilities to the Razer Edge and is currently priced at $300.

For those who are not interested in the Razer Edge or game streaming devices, there are several dedicated handheld PCs available. These include the ROG Ally for $400 (reduced from $600), Lenovo Legion Go for $650 (reduced from $700), and the MSI Claw for $700. It’s uncertain how long these deals will be available, so it’s advisable to take advantage of them while you can.