All recipe deductions and rewards

Vignettes in a Cup Event Schedule

Vignettes in a Cup is now live in Honkai Star Rail and the event will last for 38 days, ending on Monday, May 6 at 3:59 AM server time. That’s when Honkai Star Rail Version 2.2 is slated to launch, so you have the entire patch cycle to complete this limited-time event. Vignettes in a Cup will be permanently available in Honkai Star Rail after it ends via the Conventional Memoir though, so you’ll still be able to experience it if you miss out (just without all the rewards).

How to Complete Morose Monsters in Honkai Star Rail

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Morose Monsters is the main questline for the Vignettes in a Cup event, and it’s fairly straightforward. Just mix drinks according to the customers’ preferences — whether that be bitter, sweet, refreshing, or whatever request — and then help them solve their problems with a bubble puzzle or a battle here and there when the quest calls for it.

There are only two things to watch out for. During Morose Monsters (III), you’ll be asked to recall the drink that Siobhan “specially” prepared. The bottom layer is black, the middle layer is blue, and the top layer is white.

Lastly, you’ll have to make some choices in Morose Monsters (V). Here are the correct doors and answers for that quest.

“It’s always a pleasure to spend time with friends. Are you willing to give us this life?”Yes
“Losing your freedom and being at the mercy of others is painful. Do you want to escape that kind of life?”Yes
“Do you want to leave Siobhan?”No

Other than some battles here and there, that’s all there is to the Morose Monsters questline. The real meat of the event comes from mixing drinks and discovering recipes, though, so that’s the next step.

All 12 Drink Recipe Deductions in Vignettes in a Cup

Honkai Star Rail Vignettes In A Cup Drink Recipe Deductions
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are 12 drink recipes to discover by freely mixing ingredients at the Mixing Workbench during the Vignettes in a Cup event. By completing all recipe deduction puzzles, you’ll earn a ton of Stellar Jades, Credits, and enhancement materials. Here’s a handy chart that you can use to figure out how to mix these dozen drinks.

Sweetened MoodIce SoulGlad x2, Soothing Soda x1, Stir, Practioner Pepper x1, Origami Bird

All Vignettes in a Cup Rewards

Honkai Star Rail Vignettes In A Cup 4 Star Character
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Outside of the Stellar Jades, the main reward for completing Vignettes in a Cup is a free 4-Star character of your choosing. There are quite a few characters on the list this time, and you can even get the new 4-Star Fire healer Gallagher if you want him. Here are all eight choices on offer.

  • Gallagher
  • Misha

If you ask me, Gallagher is the way to go with this choice since he’s new and he’s got a surprisingly decent kit. He pairs incredibly well with Acheron and other Nihility characters that feed off debuffs and DoT effects, plus good Abundance characters are hard to come by if you’re F2P. Xueyi is another solid option if you need a Quantum character, and you can’t go wrong with Guinaifen either.

In total, you’ll get the following rewards by completing everything during the Vignettes in a Cup event.

  • 1,320 Stellar Jades
  • Monster Tavern Chat Box

That’s all there is to the Vignettes in a Cup event! Other events are going on in Honkai Star Rail to celebrate the game’s first anniversary too, so make sure to jump into the Cosmodyssey event to earn even more free Stellar Jades!