Dragon’s Dogma 2: What is Dragonplague?

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Understanding the Threat of Dragonplague

Pawns play a crucial role in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as your loyal party members throughout the game. However, a new mechanic called Dragonplague can turn these helpful allies into a deadly threat. It’s essential to understand how Dragonplague works and what steps you can take to protect your game from disaster.

Dragonplague Infection

Pawns are the carriers of Dragonplague, which can enter your save file in two ways: by hiring an infected Pawn from the Rift or through a Drake’s touch. Drakes are the main source of this disease, as they can infect Pawns through a unique animation. The tricky part is that infected Pawns show no symptoms initially, making it hard to detect the disease in time. If left untreated, the disease can spread to every NPC in major cities like Vermund and Battahl, leading to devastating consequences. To revive NPCs, you’ll need to use Wakestones or defeat the Sphinx to obtain an Eternal Wakestone.

Dragonplague Symptoms and Prevention

Infected Pawns exhibit mild symptoms such as glowing red eyes, random headaches, and defiance towards commands. To prevent the spread of Dragonplague, you must dismiss or eliminate the infected Pawns promptly. If your main Pawn is affected, a quick solution is to sacrifice them in the Brine to reset their state. Early detection of symptoms is crucial in preventing the catastrophic effects of Dragonplague on your gameplay progress.