Nine Sols, A Hand-Drawn Action Game By The Makers Of Detention, Arrives In May

Red Candle Games Explores New Territory with Nine Sols

Red Candle Games, known for its psychological horror titles like Detention and Devotion, is delving into the action genre with its upcoming release, Nine Sols. Set to launch on May 29, this Sekiro-inspired game takes players on a thrilling journey through a unique blend of themes.

Nine Sols features a captivating hand-drawn art style that combines elements of sci-fi, cyberpunk, Eastern mythology (including the story of Hou Yi), and Taoism. Players will step into the shoes of Yi, a feline warrior who awakens from a long slumber in New Kunlun, a city governed by nine godly rulers. Despite its appearance as a utopia, a hidden truth lies within New Kunlun, prompting Yi to seek vengeance against its rulers.

The game, presented in a 2D Metroidvania format, boasts swift combat mechanics and a parry system directly influenced by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Armed with a sword, divine bow, and Taoist talismans, Yi unleashes explosive attacks on foes. As players navigate a sprawling, interconnected map, they will encounter various NPCs, uncover secrets, and face off against formidable boss foes.

Nine Sols will be available on PC via Steam, with a demo already accessible for interested players. For more insights into the development of Nine Sols and the background of Red Candle Games, check out our in-depth studio profile.