Pokémon TV Has Officially Ended On Nintendo Switch

In the event that you missed it, The Pokémon Company officially announced in January that it would be discontinuing its Pokémon TV service on the 28th of March, 2024.

Now that we have passed this date, the app and browser will no longer be operational on various devices including the Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Smart TVs. If you attempt to access the app on the Switch, you will receive Error Code: 2124-4609 – “This online service has ended. Thank you for your interest.”

Serebii.net has mentioned that some individuals may still have access to the app, but this access is expected to be terminated soon.

The app and browser, which were introduced on the Switch eShop in 2021, enabled fans to watch previous episodes of the Pokémon anime for free. If you wish to continue watching the Pokémon anime, you can still do so on platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and other services. Visit the official website for more information.

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[source serebii.net]