How to Get Dragon’s Dogma 2 Camping Kits to Make a Camp?

Understanding Camping Kits in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Camping Kits play a crucial role in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as they allow players to establish temporary campsites where they can rest, recover, and save progress. These kits are a vital resource that should be used wisely to enhance the gameplay experience.

Acquiring Dragon’s Dogma 2 Camping Kits

There are several ways to obtain Camping Kits in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

  • Purchasing from Merchants
  • Finding in the Open World
  • Quest Rewards

Purchasing from Merchants

Players can buy Camping Kits from merchants located in towns and outposts. It is advisable to always have a sufficient stock of these kits, which typically cost around 2,000 Gold each.

Finding in the Open World

Exploring the open world may lead players to discover Camping Kits as loot from chests, crates, or other containers scattered throughout the environment. Keep a lookout for these hidden treasures to expand your inventory.

Quest Rewards

Completing various quests and missions in the game can also reward players with Camping Kits. Engage in as many quests as possible to increase your chances of obtaining these valuable items.

Setting Up a Camp with Dragon’s Dogma 2 Camping Kits

Once you have acquired a Camping Kit, follow these steps to establish a camp:

  1. Find a suitable location: Search for a flat, enemy-free area to set up camp.
  2. Open your inventory: Access your inventory by pressing the designated button (usually “Start” or “Options”).
  3. Select the Camping Kit: Locate the Camping Kit in the “Tools” section of your inventory and choose it.
  4. Confirm camp placement: A prompt will appear to confirm the camp’s location; select “Yes” to proceed or “No” to find another spot.
  5. Utilize camp features: Interact with different aspects of the campsite, such as the campfire, bedrolls, and item storage, once the camp is set up.

Strategically plan the placement and timing of your camps to ensure a safe and seamless journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Be mindful of potential enemy encounters in certain camping areas, so choose locations wisely.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Camping Kits serve as a valuable resource for players navigating the game’s hazardous world. Whether obtained from merchants, discovered in the open world, or received as quest rewards, these kits provide a sanctuary for adventurers to rest and regroup during their epic quests.

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