Should you deliver the letter directly or give it to the informant in Rise of the Ronin?

Rise of the Ronin is centered around the importance of forming alliances that align with your goals. It’s crucial to consider the consequences before making decisions. In this guide, we’ll explore whether it’s better to deliver the letter directly or give it to the informant in Rise of the Ronin.

Rise of the Ronin — Who should you deliver the letter to?

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When deciding whom to give the letter to in Rise of the Ronin, the actual story moments may not change significantly. This choice is more about strengthening bonds with specific characters and solidifying your stance as either Pro-Shogunate or Anti-Shogunate.

If you give the letter to Taka, the Pro-Shogunate side, you’ll witness a cutscene where Naosuke Ii burns the letter, reinforcing his dedication to suppressing the Anti-Shogunate forces. This action increases your bond with Taka and confirms your Pro-Shogunate allegiance.

On the other hand, opting to give the letter to Katsura, the Anti-Shogunate side, leads to a slightly different outcome. Katsura will recognize the lack of an official seal on the letter, indicating that it is fake. Despite this, the same cutscene from the Pro-Shogunate choice is shown. If it’s your first time aligning with the Anti-Shogunate, Katsura will establish a Vow of Comradeship with you.

Rise of the Ronin — How to get the letter

Should You Deliver The Letter Directly Or Give It To The Informant In Rise Of The Ronin Boss
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In the third main mission of Rise of the Ronin, Yokohama’s Shadow, you must locate a specific letter. While there are two options available, you only acquire each choice by speaking to the respective representatives. However, interacting with one representative is enough to initiate the quest to find the letter. This initiates the “Hidden Motives” segment of the quest, leading you to meet the informant in Hodogaya.

The informant will provide details about an inn where the letter is located, and it’s your responsibility to reach the letter through either a non-lethal or violent approach. As you progress through the inn, you’ll encounter numerous enemies before facing off against Denzaemon Ose, the boss guarding the letter.

Defeat the formidable foe, and you will find the letter inside a box under his corpse. Ensure you have honed your Speechcraft skills for when you interact with the informant.