All Augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and how to unlock them

All Vocation Augments in Dragon’s Dogma 2

While you can’t swap skills and weapons between Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can apply Augments to any class after you’ve unlocked them. Augments are the main way that you can customize your Dragon’s Dogma 2 build, but you need to level up specific Vocations to unlock them.

It takes quite some time to get every Vocation to the max level, though, and some players just want to know which classes they need to grind to get the best Augments for their main Vocation. This guide will show you a complete list of every Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2, including which Vocations you need to level up and how much Discipline you’ll need to purchase them.

AugmentDescriptionVocationUnlock LevelDiscipline Cost
AmbuscadeIncreases damage dealt by your attacks when targets are not in battle stance.Archer2300

Once you’ve unlocked any of these Augments, you can use it with your preferred Vocation by visiting a Vocation Guild in any major city. You only need to unlock them once and then you can use them with any class. Experimenting with different Vocations is encouraged if you want to unlock as many Augments as possible. Don’t forget that you need to unlock them for your Main Pawn, too.

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