All monster types and weaknesses explained

All About Filming Scary Monsters in Content Warning

Content Warning is a game where you and your friends film scary monsters to gain SpookTube views. However, similar to Lethal Company, these creatures can eliminate you and your group swiftly if you’re not cautious.

The game doesn’t provide an official bestiary like Lethal Company, leaving the community in the dark about the monsters. We aren’t aware of their names, and there are no set strategies for defeating them. Despite this, the Content Warning community has persevered, discovering numerous creatures lurking within the old world facility. We’ve also identified the best ways to survive an encounter with them, ensuring you can escape with your recorded footage.

Understanding Every Creature in Content Warning

It’s essential to acknowledge that the enemies in Content Warning lack official names — at least that we know of. This list aims to describe each creature as comprehensively as possible. We will keep updating this table as we discover new monsters and capture footage of additional creatures.

EnemyDescriptionHow to Survive
SpiderA short, eight-legged creature with a flat face that spins webs.Avoid its webs and run away.
Mixer HeadA tall mannequin with a kitchen mixer for a head.Dodge its dash and make it run into things.
Weird Little GuyA strange frog-like creature with a wide stance and small eyes.
StarfishA star-shaped creature that lives on ceilings and catches players with rope.Throw an item at it by holding down the Q key to charge your throw.
Tentacle MonsterA slow, boulder-shaped monster with tentacles protruding from it. Can also suck players in with wind currents.Run away and use walls/corners to avoid getting sucked in.
Shadow CrawlerA rarely-seen shadowy figure that instantly kills players that it touches. Often accompanied by a loud noise.Shine a flashlight directly on it.
Big GuyA gargantuan humanoid monster with sharp teeth.Don’t get spotted.
Iron MaidenA trap that kidnaps a player and forces their teammates to solve a Captcha puzzle to free them.Solve the Captcha puzzle.
SlimeA fast-moving liquid blob.It’s mostly harmless. Just get away from it so it doesn’t knock you over.
Gun RobotA small robot armed with a machine gun with a red laser.Use cover to avoid its line of sight.
Knife GhostA short cartoony ghost armed with a knife.Dodge the first few knife swings and it will run away. Be wary of subsequent attacks.
Ear MonsterA creature with a giant ear for a head and a porous body.Move quietly and don’t sprint.

More dangerous creatures will appear as you progress deeper into the facility and achieve higher view counts. Remember to equip yourself with the best items to enhance your chances of survival on your next Content Warning expedition.

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