Destiny 2 Zero Hour and Whisper missions are returning

D2 Zero Hour is Making A Comeback

Bungie recently concluded its third livestream for the Into the Light update, showcasing a promising look at what’s to come in The Final Shape expansion, set to launch in June 2024. Fans of Destiny 2 will be thrilled to learn that iconic weapons like the Recluse and Forbearance are making a return, with the added excitement of The Whisper and Zero Hour exotic missions being reintroduced in the upcoming content.

Zero Hour and Whisper Missions Destiny 2: What to Expect

The Whisper and Zero Hour missions are considered legendary among Destiny 2 players, and their absence since 2020 has been deeply felt. However, with the Into the Light update, Bungie is bringing back these beloved missions, promising quality of life improvements and new secrets to keep the gameplay experience fresh.

The Whisper mission, located on Io, tasks Guardians with exploring a hidden Taken anomaly beneath the planet’s surface. Triggered during any Public Event in the Lost Oasis, players must defeat one of three bosses to unlock the quest, ultimately rewarding them with the powerful Whisper of the Worm Exotic sniper rifle.

Meanwhile, Zero Hour, found on Earth or through interaction with Mithrax, The Forsaken at The Farm, offers the chance to earn the Outbreak Perfected Exotic pulse rifle. Although the mission was unavailable for some time, it is now accessible again through the Monument of Lost Sights.

Less Restrictive Timers

The gameplay showcased during the livestream revealed that the missions will feature a balanced mix of platforming, combat, and time constraints. While the timer will be more lenient in the Normal difficulty modes, players seeking a challenge can opt for higher difficulty settings with tighter timeframes.

More Enemies

To match the increased power level of Guardians, Bungie has ramped up the number of enemies in these missions. With numerous expansions released since 2020, the game has evolved, necessitating a rise in enemy encounters to maintain the challenge.

Craftable Rewards

In the upcoming update, players will have the opportunity to earn craftable versions of Outbreak Prime and Whisper of the Worm by completing the Exotic missions. These blueprints will allow for customization of the Exotics, providing new perks and power enhancements. Players with existing catalysts can retain them, while regular mission completion will unlock additional perks and upgrades.

Will the Zero Hour Ship and Whisper Ship Destiny 2 Make An Appearance?

While the special ships associated with these Exotic missions will not return in the reprisal, Bungie has promised new cosmetic ships for players to earn. This decision aims to maintain veteran players’ achievements while offering fresh cosmetic rewards to the community.

New PvP Maps Are Also Coming to Destiny 2

Alongside the Into the Light update, Bungie has teased the addition of three new PvP maps set to launch in May 2024:

  • Cirrus Plaza (Neomuna) – Featuring a large central atrium, this map is set in the entertainment/shopping sector for the exos of Neomuna.
  • Essence (Pyramid Ship) – Terraformed by the Traveler, the Essence ship houses mysterious artifacts and offers a unique battleground for players.
  • Eventide Labs (Europa) – This long-abandoned research outpost serves as a refueling station for Eramis’ ketch, providing an icy labyrinth for intense gameplay.