Helldivers 2 patch adds two new planetary hazards and an increased level cap

Arrowhead Game Studios Releases Latest Patch for Helldivers 2

Arrowhead Game Studios has recently rolled out an exciting new update for Helldivers 2, featuring significant balance adjustments and the introduction of two new planetary hazards.

The latest version, 01.000.200, is now available to players and according to Arrowhead’s notes on Steam, it offers a “slightly bigger update” to aid in the ongoing liberation efforts throughout the galaxy. This update also brings along two surprise additions that are sure to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Increased Level Cap

One of the key highlights of this update is the increase in the level cap from 50 to 150. This change comes in response to some dedicated players already reaching the previous cap and provides them with the opportunity to further advance as they battle for freedom and democracy across different planets.

New Planetary Hazards

In addition to the level cap increase, players will now have to contend with two new Planetary Hazards: blizzards and sandstorms. These environmental dangers were introduced in the previous update and add an extra layer of challenge as players combat the Automatons and Terminids.

Balance Changes and Tweaks

The patch also includes various balance adjustments across different game features, such as Stategems and weapons. For example, ‘Retrieve Essential Personnel’ missions have been modified to provide a fairer gameplay experience by adjusting enemy spawn points and civilian requirements.

Furthermore, specific enemy abilities have been tweaked, like the Bile Titan no longer being able to be stunned and Shriekers losing their ability to create bug breaches. The patch notes detail these changes extensively, including fixes for known issues like cross-play bugs and friend invite inconsistencies.

For players looking for the full list of changes, the complete patch notes can be found below:

Helldivers 2 version 01.000.200 patch notes:


  • Planetary Hazard additions
  • Increased level cap to 150



  • Retrieve Essential Personnel adjustments
  • Destroy Command Bunkers tweaks
  • Operation Modifiers changes

And many more adjustments to weapons, enemies, and game mechanics to provide a more polished and engaging gameplay experience.

While the update brings a host of improvements, players should also be aware of some known issues that are being addressed or have yet to be resolved. These include potential crashes and friend invite problems related to cross-play functionality.