Star Wars Unlimited Card Game Review


A while back, local game shops offered a unique collectible card game called Star Wars Destiny. This game featured a fast-paced turn structure and custom dice to enhance gameplay. Unfortunately, due to the cost of producing these dice, Star Wars Destiny eventually faded into obscurity. However, like a resilient Sith lord, the game has risen from the ashes in a new form known as Star Wars Unlimited.

What’s In the Box

Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion Two-Player Starter Set

Star Wars Unlimited typically comes in a starter box, with the Spark of Rebellion set being a popular choice. This set includes decks led by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, along with basic accessories like deck boxes, paper play mats, and counters. Players can expand their collection through booster packs and additional accessories like tokens, deck boxes, and playmats for a more customized experience.

The artwork in Star Wars Unlimited has a cartoon-style aesthetic that may divide fans. While characters are well-detailed and distinct, vehicles may appear too simplistic for some players. The style bears resemblance to comic strips and animated shows inspired by the Star Wars films, adding a unique charm to the game.

Rules and How It Plays

In Star Wars Unlimited, players experience a fast-paced gameplay structure with quick, decisive actions. Unlike traditional card games, players take turns performing small actions such as playing cards, attacking, or using abilities before passing the turn. This dynamic gameplay adds a strategic element based on timing and precise decision-making.

The objective is to destroy the opponent’s base, which has 30 health points. Each side of the base becomes a battleground for ground or space units, determining the type of attacks that can be made. Units can target opponents in their theater or the base itself, with certain units requiring priority when attacking. Damage dealt and received is based on unit stats, leading to strategic combat scenarios.

While the game allows for aggressive base assaults, strategic timing and nuanced gameplay are more rewarding in the long run. Players must balance their offensive and defensive strategies to avoid falling into traps set by their opponents. The distinction between ground and space units adds complexity to gameplay, requiring players to build versatile armies to succeed.

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