Leveling up Warfarer levels up all Vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you want to level up all Vocations without having to play as each one, you can do that!

For Dragon’s Dogma 2 players looking to gain Augments from all other Vocations without the hassle of playing as each one individually, there’s a hidden feature you should know about. Leveling up the Warfarer Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2 actually levels up all learned Vocations simultaneously. Surprisingly, this mechanic isn’t widely known among players due to lack of advertisement.

The Warfarer Vocation, classified as an Advanced Vocation, serves as a versatile class with skills across various areas. As you progress in the Warfarer Vocation, you’ll notice that the levels of all your other unlocked Vocations will also increase.

Players like those on the DD2 subreddit have recently stumbled upon this feature, emphasizing the need for more awareness around it. Acquiring Augments from all classes might seem like a tedious task if you were to level up each Vocation individually, but with the Warfarer Vocation, you can efficiently increase all Vocation levels by simply playing as this class and engaging in combat.

How to unlock the Warfarer Vocation

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’re eager to access the Warfarer Vocation and streamline the leveling process for all other Vocations, head to Agamen Volcanic Island and locate the camp southeast of Bakbattahl. Look for Lamond on your way to the Hot Springs – he will be seated on the ground. Engage in conversation with Lamond, and he will request some newt liqueur.

You can purchase newt liqueur for 5,000 gold from Higg’s Tavern Stand in Bakbattahl or for 2,000 gold from Earland, who is located east of the Bakbattahl Oxcart Station. Since one bottle won’t suffice, acquire three and return to Lamond to provide them to him. This simple task grants you access to the Warfarer Vocation.

Now that you have unlocked the Warfarer Vocation, you can begin the journey of leveling it up to effectively raise the levels of all other learned Vocations within Dragon’s Dogma 2. Just ensure you are familiar with the process of changing your Arisen’s Vocation.