Review – Felix the Cat (PlayStation5)

The Big News About Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat has made a comeback on PlayStation with two updated versions of the classic NES and Gameboy games. Join Felix on his quest to rescue his girlfriend Kitty from the evil Professor in this collection that includes enhanced graphics, a Save Game feature, and a convenient rewind function.

Embark on an adventure with Felix through 8 different worlds, each with 1-3 levels to conquer. Along the way, Felix can collect power-ups, milk bottles to boost his score, and hearts to upgrade his abilities. From a basic boxing glove punch to upgraded moves like radiating stars, flying a chopper, and rolling in a tank, Felix evolves to become stronger with each upgrade.

While the gameplay is straightforward with Felix moving from left to right, there are variations in level design and controls to keep things interesting. Whether flying or swimming, Felix must adapt to different challenges while navigating through the game’s levels.

Although the NES version of the game runs smoothly, some players may find it lacking in difficulty and overall enjoyment, especially without the nostalgia factor. Bonus stages and bosses pose little challenge, contributing to a somewhat straightforward gameplay experience.

On the other hand, the GameBoy version of Felix the Cat suffers from significant slowdowns during gameplay, affecting the overall experience. With only 5 worlds and fewer levels, the GameBoy version is shorter and easier compared to its NES counterpart.

Despite the games’ nostalgic charm and enjoyable soundtracks, players may find the gameplay repetitive, especially with the GameBoy version’s inferior graphics and slower performance. Comparing the two versions, the NES game offers a more polished and engaging experience.

If you’re looking to experience both versions, starting with the GameBoy version may help you appreciate the improvements made in the NES edition. While both games have their merits, some players may find the lack of length and depth disappointing in a “Collection” release.

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