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Netflix’s limited series Ripley

Netflix’s limited series Ripley is a captivating and visually stunning interpretation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 thriller The Talented Mr. Ripley. This adaptation, brought to life by screenwriter Steve Zaillian, offers a fresh take on the iconic story, with Andrew Scott delivering a stellar performance as Tom Ripley.

The Beauty of Ripley

The beauty of Ripley lies in its stunning cinematography and meticulous attention to detail. Cinematographer Robert Elswit masterfully captures the essence of 1961 Italy, drawing inspiration from classic Italian films of the era. The black-and-white visuals, coupled with the interplay of shadow and light, create a truly mesmerizing aesthetic. Each frame is carefully crafted to reflect the artistic sensibilities of the characters, making Ripley a visual delight for viewers.

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The Unorthodox Casting

Ripley features an unconventional casting choice, with actors like Andrew Scott and Johnny Flynn portraying characters that are different in age from their original counterparts. Despite this, the performances are captivating, particularly Scott’s portrayal of Tom Ripley. The adaptation may take some liberties with the characters, but the actors bring a fresh perspective to the roles, making them feel vibrant and dynamic on screen.

A Masterful Rendition

While Ripley may deviate from the source material in some aspects, it ultimately serves the story well. The rest of the cast delivers strong performances, with Dakota Fanning shining as Marge. The series also pays careful attention to sound design, adding an additional layer of depth to each scene. For viewers looking for a nuanced and engaging watch, Ripley is a must-see.

Savor the artistry and attention to detail in Ripley by watching it slowly and appreciating each episode for its unique qualities. This is a series that rewards attentive viewing and deserves to be savored.