How to Deal with Ceiling Trap (Starfish Trap)

The Starfish creature, also known as the Slurpers, poses a significant threat in the game Content Warning. These monsters lurk on the ceilings in dark areas and ambush unsuspecting players who enter their vicinity. For those new to the game, navigating this trap can be daunting without prior knowledge. If you’re seeking to evade the Ceiling Trap in Content Warning, this guide offers strategies to deal with the Slurpers.

Given their discreet presence on dark ceilings, spotting the Starfish creatures can be challenging. However, if you do manage to locate one, it’s advisable to retreat from the area rather than risk getting caught. The game features a specific section for Light items that allow players to acquire powerful Flashlights, essential for detecting these monsters in advance.

Strategies for Escaping Starfish’s Ceiling Trap

Image via Landfall Publishing

If you find yourself ensnared in Starfish’s Ceiling Trap in Content Warning, the only way out is to throw an item at the creature. Hold down the Q key to charge your throw and aim towards the Slurper on the ceiling. This action will dislodge the monster, preventing it from capturing you and enabling your escape. Be cautious not to simply press Q, as that will cause you to drop the item.

As players venture into perilous locations to capture spooky content for their Spooktube channel and increase their views, encountering this menacing creature solo can be unsettling. While escaping the Starfish trap is relatively straightforward, the presence of another monster can complicate matters. It’s advisable to exercise caution, survey the ceilings before entering a new room, and be prepared for potential threats.

These strategies should equip you to successfully evade Starfish’s Ceiling Trap in Content Warning. For more helpful guides on Content Warning and other gaming insights, explore our dedicated section at Gamer Tweak.