How to fix Masterwork Invalid Item error in Diablo 4 PTR

If you’re encountering an Invalid Item error while trying to Masterwork in Diablo 4 PTR, here’s how you can resolve it:

Mastering the new Tempering and Masterworking system in Season 4 of Diablo 4 can be a bit tricky, especially when faced with cryptic error messages. Players attempting to Masterwork items may come across an error that doesn’t provide much insight into what went wrong. The key to fixing this Masterwork Invalid Item error is to add two Tempering affixes before attempting to Masterwork an item.

According to a recent PSA Reddit post, the solution to this issue is to have two Tempering affixes from two separate categories on the item before you can Masterwork it. If you try to Masterwork an item with only one Tempering affix, you’ll encounter the “!!Missing!!-4116:Masterwork_InvalidItem” error message.

This error message is likely just a temporary placeholder for the PTR, and it’s expected that a proper explanation will be provided once Season 4 officially launches on May 14. To successfully Masterwork an item, take it to the Tempering menu at a Blacksmith. Place the item there and check how many categories are available for affix placement on the item.

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Guidelines for Tempering and Masterworking items:

Make sure you’ve learned all the Temper Manuals provided after reaching level 100 (and any new ones you acquire). Each gear item should be able to receive a Tempering affix from two different categories. For example, weapons can have affixes from Weapons or Offensive categories, while helmets can have Defensive and Utility affixes.

How To Fix Masterwork Invalid Item Error In Diablo 4 Ptr Obducite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’ve added two Tempering affixes to your item and spent the necessary materials, go to the Masterwork tab to place your item in the slot. You’ll then see the next rank for your item (up to 12 ranks), the success chance, and the increase in affix strength.

Materials required for Masterworking include Rawhide, Veiled Crystals, and Obducite. For ranks five to eight, you’ll need Ingolith, and for ranks nine to 12, you’ll need Neathiron. These materials can be obtained from The Pit.

Once you have the materials and enough gold, you can proceed to Masterwork your Tempered item! Remember, all items need two Tempered affixes before you can Masterwork them. Now you’re ready to explore all the new features in the PTR, including the changes to the Helltide event.

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