How to get the Multiclimate Undershirt armour in Palworld

Palworld: How to Acquire the Multiclimate Undershirt Armor

Struggling to balance the extreme temperatures in Palworld’s diverse biomes? Look no further than the Multiclimate Undershirt armor, which offers both Heat Resistant and Cold Resistant properties. With the latest update from Pocketpair, a solution to the weight capacity issue has been introduced. Here’s how you can obtain this essential armor in Palworld.

Screenshot: Pocketpair

While acquiring the Multiclimate Undershirt armor may seem straightforward, it’s actually a challenging task. This unique piece of armor is not crafted using rare resources or purchased from the Technology tab. Instead, it is a reward for defeating a specific Pal in the game – the formidable Raid Boss, Bellanoir.

To engage in the Raid Battle against Bellanoir and secure the Multiclimate Undershirt, players need to reach a significant level in the game. The Raid Battle can only be initiated by using the Summoning Altar structure, an Ancient Technology that unlocks at level 33. Constructing the Altar at your base requires x100 Stone and x20 Paldium Fragments.

Palworld Summoning Altar Technology
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To summon Bellanoir for the battle, players must use the Bellanoir Slab at the Summoning Altar. Gathering this Slab involves collecting fragments scattered in high-level areas like open world zones, Dungeons, and Wildlife Sanctuaries.

Palworld Bellanoir Slab Fragment
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Upon defeating Bellanoir in combat, players will receive the coveted Multiclimate Undershirt armor. This unique piece not only frees up weight capacity in your inventory but also provides invaluable protection against extreme climates. Make sure to assemble a formidable team of Pals to take on Bellanoir and safeguard your base from its devastating attacks.