Monster Never Cry Tier List (April 2024)

Early Game Monster Never Cry Tier List

When playing Monster Never Cry, the most straightforward step is getting Evo Eggs and hatching monsters. However, the real challenge lies in assembling a strong squad to progress through the game efficiently. Choosing the right characters is crucial to avoid getting stuck on difficult stages for an extended period. To assist you in making informed decisions about your team composition, we have compiled the following Monster Never Cry tier list.

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In many gacha games, spreading resources too thinly, especially in the early stages, can hinder progress significantly. It is recommended to focus on a select few characters to ensure efficient content clearing. Below is the early game tier list of all sub-Hellfire characters in Monster Never Cry:

RankingMonster Names
SAdlington, Gurnius, Horace, Loki, Siren
AGuardian I, Ivy, Sylph
BFrogashi, Haborym, Knightomaton
CArachne, Bafomek, Oz, Pania, Roosterai, Sadora
DKlein, Mimir, Rabby, Yuno
  • S Tier
    • Adlington – Benefits from HP>Shield conversion and offers solid DPS and sustain.
    • Gurnius – Slow start in terms of DPS but catches up with ascensions.
    • Horace – Excellent synergy with Adlington and provides great overall support.
    • Loki – Best DPS option until stronger Hellfire characters are obtained.
    • Siren – Works well with Horace, offering quick healing.

For more rankings, continue reading below to discover the late-game Monster Never Cry tier list.

Late Game Monster Never Cry Tier List

Late game op characters in Monster Never Cry
Image Source: Boltray Games

Debates over the best late-game characters in Monster Never Cry are ongoing on various platforms. Striving for objectivity while considering essential characteristics, here is the late-game tier list of all Hellfire monsters in Monster Never Cry:

RankingMonster Names
SAvanzo, Lilith, Octasia, Vespa (NEW), Zenobia
ACoronis, Dracula, Dullahan, SynderHelden, Undine
BMischa, Reddy, Shipshark, Venus
CKukulkan, Medusa, Nafitha, Sarcophagurl
DBarend, Jarm, Oul
  • S Tier
    • Avanzo – Offers damage immunity at low HP and excels in both PvP and DPS roles.
    • Lilith – Steals ATK from enemies and buffs herself, serving as one of the top DPS characters.
    • Octasia – Versatile character with debuffing, buffing, and damage-dealing capabilities.
    • Vespa (NEW) – Boasts strong offensive and defensive skills, making her a valuable addition to any team.
    • Zenobia – Features reviving ability, stunning attacks, and silencing skills, making her a solid investment.

For more late-game character insights and strategies, scroll down to explore some essential tips for upgrading characters in Monster Never Cry.

Monster Never Cry Character Upgrade Tips

Before making significant upgrades to your characters in Monster Never Cry, consider the following factors to ensure optimal progression:

  • Rarity – Prioritize upgrading Legendaries over Hellfire monsters in the early stages of the game due to resource availability.
  • Skills and Stats – Focus on DPS characters for efficient boss clearing, supplementing with support characters to enhance efficiency.
  • Team-Comp Potential – Opt for character upgrades that complement your team composition, considering factors like damage types and playstyle.

Your journey to mastering Monster Never Cry and maximizing your resource investments should now be clearer. For more gacha game insights and tier lists, visit Twinfinite for recommendations on other popular titles like Fairy Tale Fierce Fight and Astra: Knights of Veda.