Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – What to Do After WW2?

Hearts of Iron 4 is a grand strategy game that allows players to take control of any country during the Second World War, starting in 1936 with no defined end date.

As you progress in the game, you may find yourself at a point where World War 2 has ended, research is complete, focus trees are exhausted, and massive armies dominate the landscape.

Once you’ve reached this post-WW2 phase, what can you do next in Hearts of Iron 4?

Some options for players after the conclusion of WW2 include challenging former allies for supremacy, conquering the entire world, or simply starting over and playing from the beginning in 1936.

How WW2 Ends Almost Every Time

Depending on the faction you initially supported at the beginning of WW2, one of three outcomes typically occurs:

  • The world is divided between the Allies and the Comintern.
  • The Axis and the Co-Prosperity Sphere emerge as the dominant powers.
  • A newly created faction, along with a similar ideology, becomes the ruling powers.

If none of these scenarios apply to your game, then WW2 is not yet over. The Axis will inevitably target both the Allies and the Comintern, leading to a final showdown between the two sides.

In cases where a player has formed their own faction, the end result may be similar, with a third faction emerging alongside the others. The post-WW2 period transitions into the Cold War era, where players must decide whether to continue fighting or start a new game.

These outcomes are most evident when playing with historical AI focuses, as ahistorical gameplay may lead to unexpected post-WW2 scenarios and even avoidances of WW2 altogether.

What to Do After WW2 in HOI4?

After successfully navigating through WW2 in Hearts of Iron 4, players are left with two main choices:

  • Engage in battles against remaining factions and emerge victorious.
  • Betray your faction and challenge your former allies.

These options are typically available for Communist, Fascist, and Non-Aligned nations. For Democracies, the game may lose its appeal post-WW2, as they have essentially saved the world from tyranny.

In such cases, players can choose to restart the game and explore different countries or focus tree paths.

Fighting your Major Ally

If you find yourself as the leading power in your faction, your final task may involve defeating the other remaining faction. However, this can prove challenging as the opposing faction is likely to be equally powerful at this stage of the game.

The dynamics of the conflict vary depending on the factions involved. The Allies may struggle against the USSR, while Germany and Japan engage in a global conflict that spans multiple regions.

Strategic maneuvers, such as seizing naval superiority, can significantly impact the outcome of the war. However, the post-WW2 period is characterized by complex diplomatic and military challenges.

Regardless of the scenario, the game may experience performance issues beyond 1945, making it advisable to consider mods like The Road to 56 for extended gameplay.

Betraying Your Faction

If you are not the leader of the faction and seek to establish dominance, betraying your allies may be the next logical step. By instigating conflicts between remaining factions, players can position themselves as the ultimate hegemon.

Tactical moves, such as inciting wars between factions or manipulating game events, can shape the post-WW2 landscape. The goal is to emerge as the sole power at the end of the conflict, consolidating your position as a global force.

In conclusion, the post-WW2 phase in Hearts of Iron 4 offers players the opportunity to explore alternative paths, challenge former allies, and strive for total domination. Whether restarting the game or pursuing grander objectives, the possibilities are endless in this captivating strategy game.

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