How To Unlock Storm Segunda In Type Soul- Gamer Tweak

Unlocking Segunda Etapa Form in Type Soul with Storm

Discovering the Segunda Etapa form with Storm in Type Soul provides players with additional powers and abilities. Similar to unlocking Vamp, there are specific prerequisites that need to be met in order to embark on this quest for progression. It is important to understand the tasks involved in the quest, as some may require more time and effort if the objectives are unclear. If you find yourself stuck on this quest, it is crucial to identify the task requirements that may not be explicitly stated. Let’s delve into how to achieve this form in Type Soul.

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Obtaining Storm in Type Soul

To acquire Storm, players must complete the Partial Resurrection quest in Hueco Mundo. This quest becomes available at Grade 2, and players must locate the lightning bolt in the castle. Subsequently, they need to conquer the parkour-based obby in order to unlock the Storm form.

Becoming Storm Segunda in Type Soul

After unlocking the Storm form, there are additional requirements that must be met to qualify for the quest:

  • Players must be at the Cave of Menos Forest.
  • They must climb the hanging roots in the cave to reach a location where a sword with a black orb is placed.
  • Approach the black orb to receive the quest of slaying 34 players who possess exceptional power.

In order to fulfill the quest requirements, players must target opponents who have unlocked Bankai, Full Res, or Vollstandig abilities. They need to execute and grip these opponents while their abilities are activated. It is crucial to weaken opponents with the help of the team without dealing excessive damage. Players need to ensure that they have inflicted sufficient damage to secure the kill. Once the task is completed, players will automatically transform into Segunda Etapa, unlocking the abilities Dragon Calling and Conduction.

This guide covers the essential steps to achieve the Storm Segunda form in Type Soul. For more progression guides on different races, make sure to explore the Hollow and Soul Reaper guides as well.