Balatro’s first big update hits public testing with new Joker mechanics, more

Update 1.0.1c: What’s New in Balatro’s Latest Content Update

Balatro, the popular poker-themed roguelike game developed by LocalThunk, has recently rolled out its first major content update – officially known as Update 1.0.1c. The patch is currently undergoing public testing on Steam, with the full release expected in about a week.

According to the patch notes shared on Balatro’s official Discord channel (via Reddit), Update 1.0.1c brings “a lot of changes”. LocalThunk has chosen to conduct an extended public test to ensure the smooth functioning of the update before making it live.

The patch notes reveal several bug fixes and balance adjustments. From card buffs to rule tweaks, the changes encompass various aspects of the game, including pricing and chip rewards.

Balatro launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

One of the key focuses of this update is addressing a performance issue observed on Windows and Steam Deck that could cause lag or stuttering for certain players.

In addition to the fixes, Update 1.0.1c introduces two significant mechanical additions – Perishable and Rental Jokers. Perishable Jokers may appear during Orange Stake runs and will become disabled after five rounds, adding a new layer of strategy. On the other hand, Rental Jokers, found in Gold Stake runs, come with a cost structure that includes upfront payment and subsequent rounds.

To participate in the update’s public test, players can access it by navigating to Balatro’s entry in their Steam library, selecting Properties > Betas > Beta Participation, and choosing the ‘public_experimental’ option. LocalThunk anticipates a full rollout of the update within the next week.

Update 1.0.1c Patch Notes:

  • Updated version of Love2D to resolve performance issues on Windows and Steam Deck
  • Added toggle for ‘Reduced Motion’ for a smoother gameplay experience
  • Adjusted default fallback tarot and Gold Stake random seeds
  • Introduced new mechanics such as Perishable and Rental Jokers
  • Modified ante scaling in different stake levels for better balance
  • Implemented various buffs to game elements including cards and effects
  • Addressed bugs related to booster pack openings and card debuffs