Securement Silo Theta walkthrough – Once Human

Where to Locate the Securement Silo Theta

In the northeastern region of the Lone Wolf Wastes lies the Securement Silo Theta, just north of the Blackfell Oil Fields. This area is not recommended for beginners, so ensure you and your team are at least level 45 before attempting it.

How to Successfully Clear Securement Silo Theta

Before venturing into Securement Silo Theta, make sure to stock up on healing items, ammo, and high-level weapons. This silo will present you with two bosses and numerous Once Human enemies. It’s advisable to have weapons that can handle crowd clearance and provide accurate range. If exploring with a group, divide the responsibilities accordingly.

  • Enter Securement Silo Theta through the gate and proceed into the sewer complex.
  • At the fork, take a left to minimize encounters with enemies. Utilize barrels for area damage and conserve your ammo.
  • Upon reaching a four-way junction, head left to progress further. Although loot can be found at other forks, the main path is on the left.
  • Continue down the tunnels, eliminating ADS and the nest to your left. The main path leads straight to the end of the tunnel, with additional loot in dead-end corridors. Unlock the door at the end to access an open area with spawn nests.
  • Utilize barrels in the room to clear out spawn nests and enemies quickly. Focus on the spawn nests to prevent overwhelming numbers of Once Human ADS. Prepare for the first boss battle in Securement Silo Theta.
  • Collect loot in the room, including climbing a central ladder to reach an overhead platform.
  • Access the optional boss area by moving to the far side of the room, passing through the barred gate. Grab the weapon crate and activate the boss level by interacting with the statue.

Optional Statue Boss in Securement Silo Theta

Solving the statue puzzle in Securement Silo Theta is essential to summon this optional boss. Adjust the six statues in the following sequence to trigger the boss encounter:

  • First Left – Facing right.
  • Second Left – Facing away from the entrance.
  • Third Left – Facing left.
  • First Right – Facing right.
  • Second Right – Facing left.
  • Third Right – Facing towards the entrance.

Once the statues are correctly aligned, the boss will appear. Aim for the weak point on its back to maximize damage. Watch out for its attacks and focus on eliminating the boss to gather Energy Links, Stardust Source, and other rewards before retracing your steps.

Approaching the Final Boss

Navigate through the central room, wary of enemies emerging from the water and wall spitters. Proceed through a platforming area, collecting loot and reaching the pipe leading to the final boss of Securement Silo Theta.

Defeating the Securement Silo Theta Boss

The final boss resides in Toxic Waste, requiring you to stay on platforms around the arena to avoid the contaminated water. Focus on destroying the glowing purple points on its feet and legs to trigger a stagger phase. Keep moving between platforms to evade spawned enemies and the boss’s shockwaves.