Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – How to Disband Faction

Creating Factions in Hearts of Iron 4

During the Second World War, three main factions emerged to vie for control over the world: the Axis, Allies, and the Comintern. These powerful forces shaped the course of history during this tumultuous period.

But in Hearts of Iron 4, players have the freedom to forge their own factions from scratch, establishing their own powers to contend with the dominant trio.

These factions offer a valuable opportunity to form alliances with like-minded nations and influence the major conflicts of the century. However, there may come a time when you wish to depart from your current faction and join another. As a leader, the only way to achieve this is by dismantling the existing faction.

To disband a faction in Hearts of Iron 4, you must first remove all allies from the group and then click on the Dismantle Faction button located beneath the national focus options.

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Why Disband a Faction?

Players may choose to disband a faction in HOI4 primarily to leave it behind.

For faction leaders, the only way to exit a faction is by completely dismantling it. This system can be quite restrictive, particularly for major powers like the United Kingdom or the Soviet Union.

How to Disband a Faction in HOI4

Prior to disbanding a faction, you must first assume leadership of the group. Only the faction leader has the authority to permanently dissolve the faction.

To accomplish this, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have more than double the deployed Manpower of the current faction leader
  • Possess more than 150% of the factories owned by the faction leader
  • Be involved in every war the faction leader is currently engaged in

Once you meet these requirements, you can spend 200 Political Power to take over leadership of the faction, enabling you to disband it.

To disband the alliance, you must first expel all members. Simply right-click on each member to open their diplomatic menu and click the Kick From Faction button.

Although the game may warn you of potential consequences, simply proceed with the expulsion process.

After ejecting all members, press Q to open the political menu and click on the button with an X over two green flags next to your ruler’s image and the faction’s name on the right side.

If the button is inactive, it indicates that not all members have been removed from the faction.

To easily view all members, open the diplomacy menu with any country, click on Open Country List in the bottom left corner, and then select your faction’s name at the top of the screen.

You should only see your country and puppets listed in order for the dismantle faction button to be operational.

Keep in mind that there is a known bug where countries that have capitulated and no longer control territories cannot be removed from a faction. Free France is a common example of this issue.

If you encounter this bug, you may be unable to proceed until you find a way to liberate France from its occupiers.

That’s everything you need to know about how to disband factions in Hearts of Iron 4!

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