Star Wars Outlaws release date not too far, far away

Ubisoft Unveils Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer and Release Date

Ubisoft has recently showcased a new story trailer for Star Wars Outlaws, along with the confirmation of the game’s release date. Much to the delight of fans, this highly anticipated Star Wars adventure is set to launch on August 30, 2024. Players can gain early access by opting for the Gold or Ultimate Editions of the game or by subscribing to Ubisoft+.

The trailer offers a glimpse into a diverse array of Star Wars aliens and environments, featuring familiar groups such as Crimson Dawn and the Hutt Clan, along with iconic species like Twi’leks, Mon Calamari, and Quarren. Expect intense battles against TIE-Fighters and AT-STs as the adventure unfolds.

Star Wars Outlaws’ story trailer shows more of Kay Vess’ adventures, and the villainous Sliro. Watch on YouTube

In the trailer, a character named Sliro, exuding sophistication, declares, “It’s a golden age for the underworld. The Empire may hold sway over the galaxy, but their focus is divided by a relentless Rebellion. This is our chance to amass wealth.”

At the center of the narrative is Kay Vess, the main protagonist of Outlaws and hailed as “the underworld’s favorite new scoundrel.” Crossing paths with Sliro’s formidable crime syndicate – the Zerek Besh – she finds herself marked for death.

We witness Vess taking on a dangerous mission from a fellow outlaw, possibly inspired by Tobert from “Only Murders in the Building.” Her objective? To outsmart the Zerek Besh by stealing Sliro’s fortune to secure her freedom.

Star Wars Outlaws screenshot showing the outside of a cantina bar on an alien planet street.

Star Wars Outlaws screenshot showing a spaceship approaching a planet in the distance.

Star Wars Outlaws screenshot showing Kay Vess infiltrating a neon base.

Image credit: Ubisoft

Further glimpses in the trailer include iconic scenes like Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo encased in Carbonite, expansive landscapes of the game’s open-world planets, and the adorable Nix – an axolotl-like companion – engaging in acts of distraction and thievery.

The trailer’s climax hints at a larger conspiracy involving Vess, as she faces off against pirates, the Empire, and massive sand worms reminiscent of Dune. The stakes are high in this thrilling narrative.

Coming from the creators of The Division and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – Massive Entertainment, Star Wars Outlaws was initially expected to arrive in late 2024 as per Disney’s earlier indications. The earlier release date is indeed a pleasant surprise for fans eagerly awaiting the game’s launch.

Those opting for the Gold Edition of Outlaws can enjoy the Season Pass, comprising two DLCs, an exclusive launch mission featuring Jabba the Hutt, and various cosmetic items. The Ultimate Edition offers additional cosmetics and a digital art book to enhance the player experience. Furthermore, it has been noted online that a continuous internet connection is required to install Star Wars Outlaws, even with a physical copy of the game.

Star Wars Outlaws is one of the major releases slated for this year from Ubisoft, alongside the highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed: Codename Red – a samurai-themed entry in the longstanding historical action series.