Switch eShop Sale Knocks Up To 80% Off Select ‘Metroidvanias’

Metroidvania Sale on Switch eShop

If you’re a fan of the ‘metroidvania’ genre, then you might be interested in the ‘Fusion Festival’ sale now live on the Switch eShop.

Curated by Anton Emelianov and Imad Khalil at third-party publisher Ravenage, the sale is available in both North America and Europe and will be live until 14th April at 7pm CEST / 6pm PT. Now, we should clarify that our idea of a metroidvania doesn’t quite mesh with some of the games available in the sale, but nevertheless, there may yet be something here to tickle your fancy.

We’ve highlighted every game available in the below table, but keep in mind that the list will differ slightly depending on your region, so keep an eye on the discount columns to see which games are relevant to you.

So that’s yer lot! Not a bad little selection at all if you’re after something new to add to the library. Given its heavy discount, we’d heartily recommend trying out Gato Roboto; we awarded it a score of 8/10 in our review and said that it’s “chock full of meaningful upgrades, secrets and spectacular boss battles to keep you busy”.

Will you be picking anything up in the Fusion Festival sale? Let us know in the comments down below.

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