9 things you need to do before Destiny 2: The Final Shape

How to Get Ready for The Final Shape in Destiny 2

The upcoming chapter of the Light and Dark saga in Destiny 2 is set to arrive soon, so it’s time to start preparing. As with any new season in Destiny 2, there are a few essential tasks to tackle before The Final Shape begins and the Season of the Wish comes to a close.

Clean Out Your Vault

Is your vault a mess? It’s time to tidy up and make room for all the new gear coming your way in The Final Shape. Having a clean and organized vault will ensure you can easily store and access all the exciting items that await you.

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For a quick and efficient way to clean out your vault, check out our helpful guide that walks you through the process step by step. Utilizing online tools to analyze and manage your vault contents can streamline the decluttering process.

Complete Seasonal Challenges

While seasonal challenges may feel like a grind, they offer a great opportunity to earn Bright Dust and seasonal XP. Make sure you tackle these challenges before The Final Shape arrives to maximize your rewards and progress in the game.

Finish the Season Pass

Completing seasonal challenges is not only rewarding but also helps you progress through the Season Pass. Ensure you reach the end of the Season Pass before The Final Shape launches to unlock valuable materials and bonuses exclusive to the pass.

If you have the premium Season Pass, don’t miss out on the unique armor sets and rewards it offers. These exclusive items can enhance your gameplay experience and make your guardian stand out.

Wrap Up Seasonal Storylines

Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Destiny 2 by completing all the seasonal storylines. These narrative arcs provide insights into the game world and characters, adding depth to your gaming experience. Catch up on the latest developments before diving into The Final Shape.

X things you need to do before Destiny 2: The Final Shape
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Even if storyline content isn’t your main focus, completing seasonal quests can provide valuable context and background for the events unfolding in Destiny 2. Dive into the missions to stay informed and engaged with the game’s evolving narrative.

Unlock Subclasses and Fragments

Prepare for the introduction of the new Prismatic Subclass in Destiny 2: The Final Shape by unlocking all your existing Subclasses and Fragments. Building a diverse and powerful subclass will be crucial for navigating the challenges of the upcoming season.

Having all your Subclasses and Fragments ready before The Final Shape launches will position you to create a customized Prismatic subclass tailored to your playstyle. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure you’re well equipped for the battles ahead.

Stockpile Bounties for a Boost

Boost your XP gains in the new season by hoarding bounties before The Final Shape begins. By completing bounties and holding onto them until the season starts, you can jumpstart your progression and expedite your journey through the Season Pass.

X things you need to do before Destiny 2: The Final Shape
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Save up completed bounties and turn them in once The Final Shape goes live to enjoy a significant XP boost right from the start.

Conquer Endgame Content

Challenge yourself with raids, grandmaster nightfalls, and dungeons to test your skills and collect valuable gear, including sought-after Exotics. Engaging in endgame activities is a great way to acquire powerful weapons and armor to strengthen your arsenal.

Utilize Your Resources Wisely

Before the arrival of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, spend your Legendary Shards and gather essential resources like Glimmer and Enhancement Modules. These resources will come in handy during the new season, so make sure you’re well-prepared for the changes ahead.

Acquire Seasonal Weapon Patterns

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain seasonal weapon patterns before the current season ends. By collecting these patterns, you can enhance and craft powerful weapons that will be invaluable in your quest through The Final Shape.

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