Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – How to Garrison Occupied States

Control Your Destiny in Hearts of Iron 4

In the world of Hearts of Iron 4, players have the power to shape the course of history by taking control of a country during the tumultuous era of the Second World War.

Whether you choose to pursue a different political path or showcase your military prowess on the battlefield, the fate of your nation is in your hands.

One of the challenges players face in Hearts of Iron 4 is dealing with Resistance in occupied territories. These states may rise up in rebellion to reclaim their independence, posing a threat to your rule.

The key to managing this resistance lies in adjusting your occupation laws and effectively deploying garrisons to maintain order. But how exactly do you handle this aspect of the game?

How to Manage Garrisons in Hearts of Iron 4

Contrary to what you may think, garrisoning occupied states in Hearts of Iron 4 does not require physically sending troops into those regions. The game automatically assigns garrisons to these territories, and you can manage them through the Occupied Territories menu.

To effectively handle Resistance in occupied states, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your country’s flag in the upper left corner of the screen or press Q on the keyboard.
  2. Navigate to Territory management and select the division icon to choose a garrison template.
  3. Adjust your default occupation law to suit your needs.

By monitoring the Resistance levels in the Occupied Territories menu, you can anticipate any potential uprisings. To prevent independence wars, ensure that the target Resistance stays below 90%.

For optimal garrison efficiency, consider using a Cavalry division with a single battalion (2 width) as your template. This minimizes Manpower and equipment losses while still maintaining control over the occupied territory.

Remember that these garrisons are not deployable troops for combat but rather a resource drain. Keep an eye on your resources in the Recruit & Deploy menu to manage the cost effectively.

Understanding Resistance in Hearts of Iron 4

Resistance in Hearts of Iron 4 starts at 0% in newly conquered states but gradually increases over time based on various factors. You can influence the target Resistance through your occupation laws.

While the garrison composition is less critical, ensuring adequate Manpower and equipment is essential for maintaining control. Resistance can grow daily but can also be reduced by implementing the right occupation laws.

Resistance only becomes significant once it reaches certain thresholds, as outlined below:

Resistance LevelResistance ThresholdEffect
Organized Resistance25%Garrison Penetration Chance: +50%
Emboldened Resistance50%Damage to Garrisons: +100%
Uprising75%Various penalties for the controller
Uprising90%Resistance will declare independence on core states

Deploying Troops for Defense

If you wish to station troops in strategic locations such as ports or key cities for defense rather than population control, organize them into an army and issue the Area Defense order.

Select the areas you want to protect and specify which locations your troops should defend, such as victory points, ports, coastlines, and more. This ensures efficient protection of vital assets within your nation.

For more insights and suggestions on garrisoning occupied states in Hearts of Iron 4, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!