Journey studio’s Sky: Children of the Light finally arrives on PC

Sky: Children of the Light Launches on Steam Early Access

Sky: Children of the Light, the acclaimed free-to-play “social adventure” from Journey and Flower developer ThatGameCompany, has – just shy of a year since being announced for PC – finally launched on Steam, initially as an early access release.

Sky: Children of the Light is far from a new game, of course; it originally launched for iOS all the way back in 2019 before making its way to Android, Switch, and PlayStation in the years since. And now – with over 260m downloads to its name already – PC players will have the opportunity to experience its lovely, if unusual, adventure for themselves.

Spanning the seven realms of a beautiful kingdom located among the clouds, Sky: Children of the Light combines puzzley-platformy bits and story vignettes, all build around a gently collaborative multiplayer core designed to encourage “compassion, friendship, and altruism”.

Sky: Children of the Light Official Steam Launch Trailer

Sky: Children of the Light official Steam launch trailer. Watch on YouTube

It arrives on PC with support for cross-play and cross-progression between all available platforms, and with the same live-service-style Seasonal and event content as other versions. However, ThatGameCompany has also opted to launch on Steam as an early access release to secure feedback and “ensure that the full suite of Steam PC features can be implemented”.

The studio’s full PC development goals are as follows:

  • Enhance stability and the playing experience on PC and Steam Deck
  • Integrate Steam friends, achievements, and Remote Play support
  • Continue to enhance game graphics with HDR and VRR support
  • UI changes that make it easier to find the emote you want in the expression menu
  • Improve the onboarding process to welcome new players more effectively
  • Further develop Aviary Village as a social hub for events and activities
  • Introduce a new quest system to enrich interactions with the Spirits
  • Celebrate with in-game events and offer items that allow players to connect and express their creativity

ThatGameCompany says it’ll keep Sky: Children of the Light in early access “until player feedback and refinements can be fully implemented”, but the Steam version will retain full content parity with other versions while the process continues. That includes Sky’s upcoming Season of Nesting, which launches on 15th April and is fully detailed over on its website.