Stellar Blade Dev Warns Players to Go Easy on the Demo

Shift Up Corporation urges players to be cautious with Stellar Blade demo

Shift Up Corporation, the developer behind Stellar Blade, has issued a warning to players regarding the demo of the game. With progress carrying over to the main game, some players have been investing a significant amount of time into the demo, unlocking skills and combos that could impact their main game experience.

Some Stellar Blade players have dedicated over 50 hours to the demo

Reports from the developer indicate that certain players have spent more than 50 hours playing the Stellar Blade demo. Twitter users such as SuperAndroid and Shadowself have logged impressive amounts of demo gameplay, with one player boasting 83 hours of playtime.

The demo covers the initial stages of the game up to the first boss encounter, offering players a taste of the combat mechanics that have garnered praise. Those who complete the demo will find a surprise waiting for them when they transfer their progress to the full game.

Opinions among players regarding the developer’s plea to take it easy on the demo vary. While some express concerns about spoiling the main game experience through excessive grinding, others like HeroDeGames are excited at the prospect of starting the game with advanced skills. Jazzpha103188 is eager to utilize abilities such as parry and dodge counterattacks right from the start.

The unexpected popularity of the demo has caught many by surprise. Stellar Blade has seen a peak of 690,000 daily active users, surpassing other demos like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Additionally, the game has topped the charts as the most preordered title on the PlayStation Store, beating out competitors like Sea of Thieves, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, and Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail.

Shift Up Corporation recently announced that Stellar Blade has gone gold, signaling its imminent release as a PS5-exclusive title on April 26.