How to collect Power Up Gummies in Warzone High Trip Resurgence

How to Get the Power-Up Gummies in Warzone’s High Trip Resurgence Event

Warzone never fails to deliver with its over-the-top events, and the High Trip event for the Rebirth Island map is no exception. This time, it’s all about a cannabis theme, with gummies serving as power-ups instead of the usual perks. To master the collection of these power-up gummies in the Warzone High Trip Resurgence event, read on.

Locating the Power-Up Gummies

Unlike in The Boys event where power-ups could be dropped, in the High Trip Resurgence event, you and your team must actively search for them. The key tip here is to focus on supply crates, as that’s where the gummies are most commonly found. Keep in mind that not every supply crate will contain a power-up, so thorough searching is essential.

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Rebirth Island may not be huge, making it easier to cover ground and locate these power-ups quickly. Keep moving and be vigilant in your search to maximize your chances of finding them.

Activating the Effects

Once you spot a power-up gummy, simply walk over it to activate its effects automatically. The boost you and your team receive from collecting these gummies can greatly enhance your chances of winning by making access to items like a Supply UAV much simpler.

Understanding the Abilities

There are a total of four abilities that the power-up gummies can provide, each offering unique enhancements to your gameplay in Warzone:

  • Green – Unlimited tac sprint
  • Gold/Yellow – Extra loot
  • Red – Wall hacks
  • Blue – Fast reload

What’s incredible is that you can have all four abilities active simultaneously. When combined, these abilities not only enhance your combat skills but also provide additional benefits such as negating fall damage and improving your aim significantly. Imagine the advantage you could have with all four gummies in play while wielding a powerful SMG in Warzone.

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For those who excel in Warzone, there are exciting rewards awaiting. Discover what you need to do to claim these rewards and enhance your gaming experience even further.

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