How To Get Letz In Type Soul

Unlocking Letz Stil in Type Soul

The TYBW arc of Bleach delves deeply into the powers of Quincies, including the elusive Letzt Stil. Letzt Stil is considered a last resort power that involves using the Sanrei glove to enhance Reishi collection temporarily. However, this immense power comes at a cost – the Quincy loses their powers after utilizing it. The process of unlocking Letz in Type Soul mirrors the difficulties faced in the series, requiring dedication and perseverance.


  1. Visit Wandenreich and participate in faction raids.
  2. After each raid, there is a chance to obtain the elusive Hogyoku Fragments. Note that these are rare drops and will require significant grinding to acquire.
  3. Alternatively, consider trading with other players or friends for the fragments. Exercise caution during trades to avoid potential attacks from other players.
  4. Once you have gathered all 10 Hogyoku Fragments, return to Wandenreich.
  5. Consume all 10 fragments to unlock Letz Stil for your Quincy.

By following these steps, you can successfully unlock Letz Stil in Type Soul. Be sure to explore our other guides on consuming Hollows, mastering Flash Step, changing hairstyles, and checking EXP while you’re here!

Image Credits: Lost Tsuki on YouTube. Eat 10 Hogyoku Fragments to unlock Letz Stil in Type Soul.