RoBending Best Elements & Subbendings Tier List (April 2024)

RoBending Online: Elements Tier List

When you first log into RoBending Online, choosing your element is a crucial decision that will impact your gameplay. To help you make the best choice, we have compiled a tier list of all elements in the game. Let’s dive into the rankings:

Elements Tier List

BEarth, Water
Updated element tier list for RoBending Online as of 4/11/2024

Element Summary

S Tier

  • Air – The top-tier element in RoBending Online. With exceptional mobility from the glider, high DPS, and ease of dodging attacks, Air dominates both PvE and PvP scenarios.

A Tier

  • Fire – Known for its outstanding DPS, Fire lacks the mobility of Air, making it slightly less effective in PvP battles.

B Tier

  • Earth – Earth’s strength lies in Lava for PvE content, requiring dedication to master. Water, on the other hand, becomes powerful with upgrades but demands significant investment.

C Tier

  • Non-Element – Despite promises of improvements from developers, Non-Element remains lackluster and irrelevant in the game.

RoBending Online: Subbendings Tier List

Exploring the world of RoBending further, let’s examine the top subbendings available. For additional perks or spins, consider checking out our RoBending codes article. Now, let’s unveil the subbending tier list:

Subbending Tier List

SFlight, Lava, Lightning
ACombustion, Blood
BSand, Metal
DSpiritual Projection
Updated subbending tier list for RoBending Online as of 4/11/2024

Subbending Summary

S Tier

  • Flight – With unparalleled mobility for PvP and PvE, Air’s Flight subbending elevates it above the rest. Lava and Lightning also shine in their respective areas.

A Tier

  • Combustion – Despite being challenging to master, Combustion offers great AoE damage and unblockable attacks. Blood excels in crowd control and 1v1 situations.

B Tier

  • Sand – Offering solid damage and crowd control, Sand is more suited for PvE due to its RNG factor. Metal provides defense and mobility benefits.

C Tier

  • Healing – While valuable for PvE healing, Healing lacks impact in other scenarios.

D Tier

  • Spiritual Projection – Ranked as the least effective subbending, Spiritual Projection holds little significance in gameplay.

Our comprehensive tier list for elements and subbendings in RoBending Online aims to guide you in maximizing your strengths in the game. For more insights into powerful characters and abilities across different games, explore additional lists on Twinfinite, including tips for Anime Rangers.

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