Former PlayStation exec joins Nintendo of America

Former PlayStation Exec Gio Corsi Joins Nintendo of America

Former PlayStation executive, Gio Corsi, has officially joined Nintendo of America. This move comes after Corsi’s successful stints at IllFonic and Iron Galaxy Studios.

During his time at PlayStation, Corsi served as the head of global second-party games and was involved in significant projects that brought popular titles like Yakuza to Western audiences. He also worked on third-party production and developer relations, as well as projects for the PlayStation Vita.

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Now, Corsi brings his expertise and experience to Nintendo, where he will be working in the AAA third-party portfolio management team. His announcement on Twitter acknowledged his excitement for this new adventure at Nintendo, prompting fans to wonder about Nintendo’s dedication to third-party games, especially with rumors of the Switch 2 on the horizon.

In line with these rumors, sources suggest that Nintendo’s next console, the Switch 2, is expected to launch in Q1 2025. This release window was previously anticipated for late 2024. If the Switch 2 debuts in March 2025, it will mark eight years since the original Switch’s launch in March 2017.

The Switch 2 is said to have capabilities comparable to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, supporting features like ray tracing and the ability to run Unreal Engine 5.

Source: GameRant