Review – Loretta (Xbox Series X)

Loretta: A Psychological Noir Thriller Review

Loretta, a point and click psychological noir thriller created by Yakov Butuzoff and published by Dangen Entertainment, has captured my attention since the initial trailer release. This intriguing game found its way onto my console, and I delved into its mysterious world.

Those eyes…they’re trouble I tell ya.

The Narrative Focus

The core attraction of Loretta lies in its narrative, with gameplay aligning with standard point-and-click genre conventions. Players point and click to interact with the world, moving through pixel art landscapes by walking left or right. The game’s chapters flow seamlessly, offering a well-paced experience that can be completed in 2-3 hours. Multiple endings await players, influenced by their choices throughout the game.

These ‘puzzles’ could do with flying the coop.

The Choice Mechanic

Loretta places a significant emphasis on player choices, guiding the protagonist through a narrative rife with decision-making opportunities. While some choices may seem inconsequential, key moments in the story are predetermined regardless of player input, limiting the sense of control. However, as the game progresses, Loretta gains agency over her life direction, leading to unexpected and thrilling developments.

I mean she would think so after THAT dinner.

Character Depth and Complexity

Despite the limitations in gameplay choices, Loretta’s characters shine with depth and realism. The cast, including the titular protagonist, is multi-dimensional and captivating, drawing players into their individual stories. Each character, whether ally or adversary, adds richness to the overall narrative, enticing players to explore their backgrounds further.

Wine, candlelight…murder?