How to Get the Preserved Head

Medusa Location

You can locate Medusa without accepting the A Case of Sculptor’s Block quest, although it is recommended for the rewards. If you decide to skip the mission, head southwest of Bakbattahl in the Wyrmblood Forest to find the gorgon. Medusa can be found within the Nera’Battahl Windrift or the Caliginous Depths, one of the initial caves in the area.

If you choose to do the quest, start by heading towards the Noble Quarters area in Vernworth to find an NPC named Klark. Look for him around his home or neighboring streets. Once you encounter him, he will instruct you to go to a sculptor in Battahll.

Upon reaching Battahl and meeting the NPC Fulvio, engage in a brief conversation where he will ask you to meet him in a specific spot to fight a Griffin. Though he doesn’t explicitly request the gorgon’s head, he hints that petrifying his subject would aid in his work. While it is possible to complete the quest without obtaining the Medusa Head, it is advisable to acquire it first for an easier completion.

How to Get the Preserved Medusa Head

While defeating Medusa is achievable for most players, obtaining a Preserved Head proves to be a more challenging task. Here are the steps to acquire a Preserved Medusa Head:

  • Focus Attacks on the Head with Bladed Weapons until it detaches.
  • Ensure that Medusa’s head does not detach when she has one last health bar remaining.

Following these conditions will guarantee players the Preserved Medusa Head. Although it may seem simple, various factors can cause unwanted damage to the gorgon. The key is to target the head and neck while minimizing overall damage. Let’s discuss these two aspects individually.

Detaching the Head

There are two methods to detach the head from the body. Players often attempt to climb onto Medusa’s back and continuously stab and slice at the head until it separates. However, this technique consumes a significant amount of stamina, requiring multiple attempts. Alternatively, if lacking the stamina or precision, players can use a Sedative Bolt with a Bow to put Medusa to sleep, allowing uninterrupted attacks on her head.

Ensure Minimal Damage

Minimizing damage proves to be more challenging, as various factors can affect DPS on Medusa. Optimal weapon and vocation choices are crucial for meeting this condition.

Weapons with Lightning Affinity are most efficient at severing Medusa’s head, so players are advised to equip one before entering the cavern. The Ring of Derision, obtained from completing the Sphinx Riddles, reduces damage output, enabling players to attack Medusa with minimal DPS.

Thieves’ daggers are recommended for their ability to deliver multiple hits, while using low-rank weapons further decreases damage output. Choosing the Thief or Magic Archer vocation and minimizing the Pawn’s involvement in the fight are also suggested strategies.

Other Tactics in Fighting Medusa

Beware of Medusa’s petrifying gaze, which immobilizes players and allows the gorgon to inflict continuous damage. Climb onto her back to reduce the risk of being stunned, or use pillars in the cavern as cover when fighting her with a bow to induce sleep and avoid her line of sight.

Looting the Body

After defeating Medusa, loot her body to obtain the Preserved Medusa Head along with various weapons that can be used or sold. Here is a list of possible loot from the gorgon:

  • Granite Medusa Bone – 17.78 to 18.18% drop chance
  • Monster Hide – 4.44% drop chance
  • Hunk of Rift Crystal – 9.09 to 20.00% drop chance
  • Ring of Motility – 2.22% drop chance
  • Dragon’s Gaze – 9.09 to 11.11% drop chance
  • Ferrystone – 9.09 to 11.11% drop chance
  • Blighting Arrow – 5.45 to 6.67% drop chance
  • Medusan Spellbow – 18.18% drop chance

Note that the Preserved Medusa Head will decay over time, even if obtained in pristine condition. To slow the decay process, store the item and complete any missions requiring its use promptly.

Players can engage in multiple battles with Medusa and obtain the Preserved Medusa Head multiple times. However, her respawn timer is set at seven days, requiring players to wait before facing her again.

Using the Medusa Head for the A Case of Sculptor’s Block Quest

If the A Case of Sculptor’s Block quest is active, promptly use the head to confront the Griffin before it deteriorates. Be cautious to prevent your Pawns from attacking the creature, as it may result in the head shattering. Keep the Griffin petrified as long as possible to aid Fulvio in completing his sketch.

The quest may exhibit some bugs, so spend ample time battling the Griffin, even if Fulvio indicates he has sufficient material. Avoid dealing excessive damage to prevent premature flight by the creature. Once Fulvio mentions completing his work, choose to let the creature leave on its own, fly away, or be defeated.

Unlocking Achievements with the Medusa Head

Three achievements are associated with Medusa, all of which can be completed in a single playthrough. However, acquiring the Daughter of the Evening shield is necessary for the most challenging achievement. Here’s how you can unlock the achievements related to Medusa:

  • Off With its Head!: Sever Medusa’s head to achieve this goal, regardless of its condition upon acquisition.
  • Getting a Head: Obtain the achievement by acquiring a Preserved Medusa Head.
  • An Eye for an Eye: Achieve this by petrifying Medusa. Players often use the Medusa Head on themselves, but using the Daughter of the Evening shield to reflect her gaze back at her is an alternative method. The shield can be found in the Vernworth Castle Vault.

Note: For the achievement An Eye for An Eye, store the Medusa Head for seven days to use it for petrifying her. Placing it in a vault slows down the decay, allowing its reuse upon Medusa’s respawn.