Let’s get evil in Baldur’s Gate 3: Part 6 – Oh god it was me all along

Welcome back! Let’s Get Evil is a monthly series for Eurogamer Supporters in which Bertie embarks on a journey through games, exploring the depths of evil within them. While it may seem simple, the true test lies in how much freedom each game provides to unleash one’s sinister side. Let’s dive in and see what unfolds.

Warning: Spoilers ahead as Bertie delves further into the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, currently navigating through Act 3 and facing the challenges posed by the Dark Urge.

As the journey nears its conclusion and the end draws near, I find myself standing in the iconic city of Baldur’s Gate, where a shocking revelation awaits, igniting a thrilling sense of excitement that defines my experience with such games. But before we delve into this momentous event, let’s recap from where we last left off: my party bidding farewell to Act 2, grappling with the lingering shadow curse that continues to plague the land following the demise of Ketheric Thorm, the tyrant who once ruled with an iron fist. With him vanquished, only two remnants of his malevolent reign remain: the enigmatic Orin, a character I oddly find myself drawn to (superbly portrayed by Maggie Robertson), and the cunning Lord Gortash (excellently portrayed by Jason Isaacs).