Sasquatch Sunset review: A top 5 gross-out movie about Bigfoots

Gross-out humor at its peak

Gross-out humor hit its peak in 2010 with Jackass 3D, where the group catapulted a ripe port-a-potty 100 feet into the air, resulting in fecal matter splattering all over Steve-O in glorious 3D. I thought that was the limit, but I was wrong.

A new era of comedy

Sasquatch Sunset has revolutionized comedic history. The latest comedy from filmmakers David and Nathan Zellner features Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough hidden behind cryptid costumes, venturing through the woods as part of a small group of sasquatches. This unconventional film explores the evolving nature of these creatures as they explore the world and their own bodies, engaging in unrestricted bodily functions and behaviors.

The Zellner Brothers’ unique style

Sasquatch Sunset pushes the boundaries even further for the Zellner brothers, known for defying expectations and subverting movie clichés. Their previous works like Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter and Damsel showcased their ability to blend humor with experimental storytelling. With Sasquatch Sunset, they continue to expand their comedic horizons in a less conventional and more humorous manner.

A different kind of film

In Sasquatch Sunset, there is minimal dialogue and plot. The film follows the sasquatches over a year as they navigate their evolving senses and primal instincts. Despite the lack of dialogue, the film delves into the societal norms and behaviors of these humanoid creatures, resulting in graphic and unconventional sequences.

A visually stunning experience

Cinematographer Mike Gioulakis captures the serene landscapes of Sasquatch Sunset with breathtaking sun-soaked scenes in the California redwoods. The film serves as a reflection on the origins of mankind and the juxtaposition of modern society against a more primitive existence, offering profound insights into human nature.

A divisive yet memorable film

Sasquatch Sunset juxtaposes introspective moments with crude humor, creating a polarizing viewing experience. The film’s practical effects and shocking sequences leave a lasting impression on viewers, making it a film that viewers will either love or hate.

Image: Bleecker Street

Ultimately, Sasquatch Sunset challenges the conventional norms of filmmaking by presenting a raw and unapologetically bizarre story. While reactions to the film vary, it remains a bold and refreshing addition to the world of cinema.

Sasquatch Sunset opens in select cities on April 12 and expands to a nationwide release on April 19.