A Female Hrothgar option is now available in FFXIV

Female Hrothgar Character Creation

Since the debut of the new Hrothgar race in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers, players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the female variant. While the Viera race was introduced in the same expansion, it was initially only available to female characters until the release of Endwalker, which finally brought the male Viera variant. With Dawntrail set to launch on July 2, Square Enix has released benchmarking software for players to ensure their hardware can handle the game. The benchmark test also includes a surprise option for players.

While Endwalker showcased the new male Viera options in trailers, the benchmarking software allows players to access all available customization options such as faces, hairstyles, skin color, and other features for character creation. Dawntrail follows suit, allowing players to preview the new female Hrothgar character and experiment with different appearances. Many players have already started creating their custom Female Hrothgar Warrior of Light using the benchmark’s character creation screen.

The female Hrothgar character offers 5 default hairstyles, fur patterns, eyebrows, eye shapes, 4 jaw types, faces, facial features, and tails. Players can choose from 10 voice options and select the clan their character belongs to, either the Helions or the Lost, which impacts the character’s overall appearance. Female Hrothgar characters have the same helmet visibility restrictions as male Hrothgar and Viera due to their unique head shape.

If players create an alternate character as a female Hrothgar, they will need to unlock the hairstyles again. However, if players use a Fantasia potion on their main character to change their race, all previously unlocked hairstyles will carry over to the new form.

New Races After Dawntrail?

Yoshi-P has confirmed that once Dawntrail is released, the female Hrothgar race will be the final playable race added to the game. This decision is based on the intricate skeleton rigging, armor sets, and helmet designs required for each new race, considering FFXIV regularly introduces new gear sets monthly. While it seems unlikely that additional races will be introduced after the female Hrothgar, the situation may change if the community expresses strong support for another playable race to CBU3.