All ore locations in The Planet Crafter

All Locations for Extracting Ore in The Planet Crafter

I typically don’t gravitate towards games that require timed missions for progress, but there’s something about The Planet Crafter that stands out. While it may take some time to learn the locations of all the ore types in this game, once you have that knowledge, the whole process becomes much smoother.

Iridium ore

Finding Iridium ore involves exploring a massive cave with a sand waterfall in front of it. This cave also leads to Sulphur and Osmium ore locations. You can locate this cave at coordinates 940:36:910.

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Aluminium ore

To find Aluminium ore, explore a biome with grey rocks. You’ll find plenty of Aluminium ore that can be extracted using a T1 extractor at coordinates 920:29:320.

Sulphur ore

Sulphur ore emits a green glow and has a distinct smell. You can find it in a gas-covered area at coordinates 980:16:1427, past the Iridium ore caves. Extracting Sulphur ore requires a T2 ore Extractor.

Ore Locations The Planet Crafter
Image: PC Invasion

Uranium ore

Uranium ore, located in the rock spire biome at coordinates 580:35:-655, requires careful handling and a T2 Extractor for extraction.

To find the Uranium cave, navigate through a crevasse that leads to the glowing green ore.

Super Alloy

Locate the Super Alloy ore by heading towards a large ship near the Iridium cave and moving away from the nose. You’ll discover a cave with the Super Alloy ore at coordinates 1050:64:1696, which necessitates a T2 Ore Extractor for extraction.

Ore Locations The Planet Crafter 2
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Osmium ore

In the vicinity of the Sulphur caves, you can find the Osmium ore, distinguished by its blue glow. It can only be extracted using a T2 Ore Extractor and is located at coordinates 970:44:964.

Zeolite ore

To extract Zeolite ore, head to the Osmium cave near the Sulphur zone. This finite resource at coordinates 340 : 158 : 1800 requires a T2 Extractor for extraction.

Ore Locations The Planet Crafter 2
Image: Steam

Pulsar Quarts

Access to Pulsar Quarts in The Planet Crafter becomes available once you reach a 600MTI score. This ore can be found in the Meteor Crater at -130 : 162 : 1710 and the Ice cave at 970 : 44 : -970. It cannot be extracted with an Extractor.


Obsidian, a material formed from dried lava, is located in old lava deposits within the lava biome at -1045 : 165 : -270. Use at least a T2 Ore Extractor to collect this resource in The Planet Crafter.

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