Fortnite’s Next Star Wars Crossover Will Span Lego, Festival, and Battle Royale Modes

Fortnite Teases Star Wars Crossover Event

Currently in the midst of a crossover event with Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fortnite is now teasing an upcoming collaboration with Star Wars. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 3, just one day before Star Wars Day on May 4th.

One interesting detail from the teaser is that the collaboration will span across multiple game modes in Fortnite. This includes the classic battle Royale mode, the survival/crafting Lego mode, and the rhythm Festival mode. However, Rocket Racing mode seems to have been left out of this crossover event.

While previous crossovers with other IPs in Fortnite typically focused on cosmetic bundles, this upcoming Star Wars event seems to suggest that it will provide content for three distinct areas of the game. The current Elements event pass already includes a Lego variant skin and a guitar for Festival mode, so fans are speculating on what the Star Wars event might bring.

In the past, Star Wars collaborations in Fortnite have featured a variety of content such as a Darth Vader boss battle, lightsabers, blasters, force abilities, and a wide range of skins from the movies and shows. Most recently, Ahsoka was introduced as part of the Chapter 4 Season 4 battle pass.

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What are you hoping to see from the upcoming Fortnite x Star Wars crossover? Let us know in the comments!