Drill Into the Competition in Overwatch 2 – Season 10 – News

You Can’t Spell Adventure without Venture

Embark on an epic excavation of greatness with the newest Damage hero in Season 10 of Overwatch 2 – Venture. Venture is a spirited archaeologist who brings a fresh dynamic to the battlefield with a massive drill and seismic abilities. Outsmart your enemies and unleash massive damage as you dive, dig, drill, and dominate the competition.

Dig Into the Battle with Venture and All Overwatch Heroes Right Away

All heroes, including the newest addition Venture, will now be immediately unlocked for all players who have completed the new player experience. Venture will also be available for Competitive play right from the start of Season 10, a major change from previous hero releases. Enjoy the versatility of Venture’s gameplay and wreak havoc on your enemies without any delays.

Allegiances Change in Mirrorwatch

Step into a mirror universe in the limited-time event Mirrorwatch, where heroes have fallen and villains rise. Swap alignments and experiment with reimagined abilities in a unique twist on Overwatch 2. Explore this intriguing mirror universe from April 23 to May 13 and experience the game like never before.

New Ways to Earn and Unlock Rewards

To make it easier for players to earn rewards, Coins will now be part of the Battle Pass rather than Weekly Challenges. Earn up to 600 Overwatch Coins per season through the Battle Pass, giving you more control over your Overwatch 2 experience.

Choose Your Mythic Path

Introducing Mythic Prisms in Season 10, allowing you to choose the Mythic hero skin of your choice. Collect Mythic Prisms through the Premium Battle Pass and unlock customizations for your favorite hero skins. This season, unlock the Mythic Vengeance Mercy skin and explore new color combinations, masks, and more.

Blur the Lines Between Good and Evil in the Battle Pass

Earn over 80 tiers of rewards with the Mirrorwatch-themed Season 10 Premium Battle Pass. Collect legendary skins and dive deeper into the mirror universe with unique cosmetics. Upgrade to the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle for even more exclusive rewards.

Clash for the Win

Prepare for the Clash game mode, a limited-time trial in Season 10. Capture points along a linear path with your team and battle for victory in this exciting new mode. Explore the new map Hanaoka within the Hanamura district and experience fast-paced gameplay like never before.

Wreck and Roll with Hero Updates

Wrecking Ball receives upgrades to his kit in Season 10, including new abilities to protect teammates and enhance mobility. Balance changes for Sombra, Tracer, Tanks, and Support heroes will also be implemented to create a more dynamic gameplay experience. Check out the Patch Notes for more details.

Updates to Competitive and More

Unlock any Golden Weapon with 2024 Competitive Points and enjoy improved grouping restrictions in Competitive Play. Defense Matrix and Streamer Protect features have been updated for a smoother gameplay experience. Stay updated on the latest developments through our Developer Updates and blogs.

Unearth greatness in Season 10 of Overwatch 2 and prepare for an exciting adventure on the battlefield. Join the action tomorrow and experience the thrill of competitive play firsthand. See you in the game, heroes!